The game is played on your device as one person or online and mutually as two people.Play a real 4 - digit number(number does not start with 0!) You try to find it with your guesses. Height hint is given for each guess.The meaning of the tips is; +refers to numbers in place of values, -values refer to numbers in different places. Let the number he holds is 8543 and your guess is 9347, the clue comes as + 1 - 1.In this case, you know 2 numbers and it does not mean 3 different places in 4 places.If there is no number in your guess, the hint will be 0.In the online game for two players, the player keeps their own numbers before entering the game room and they try to find each other's numbers within the same rule throughout the game.In the online game, after every move, the round passes to the opponent.They can also chat with game text.Conversations should be mutually respectful and free of profanity and slang.Their membership that sends abusive or insulting messages is terminated by us.The time it gets to the player is 10 minutes.Players take all their moves in this time.Otherwise, they are considered to have lost the game.Players can purchase unlimited games if they have virtual coins in their accounts.Each coin is worth 10 seconds.The virtual coin icon is a heart symbol.Players can see their previous predictions by clicking the yellow list button on the single player console.Players can see all their predictions by sliding the hint panel on the two player game console.";